Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finally an update to our blog

I'm just getting into this blog thing and I need to work out the facebook thing. I didn't know I was so computer challenged. I'm glad that the wedding is over and that it went very well I think.
I had a hard time after Jordan & Manuela's wedding. I not only felt depressed (Jordan and I are very close) but I had a flare-up and was sick for 4 weeks (3 of those days I spent on the bathroom floor throwing up). I am so proud of my children and my grandbabies. My prayer is that I can enjoy more good days and fewer sick days. As I ponder all that I have been through I can't help but enjoy the blessings that I have received and lessons I've learned.
I'm so grateful for my family and friends.
We had quite an experience trying to get Jordan's medications to him in Germany - it wasn't funny. I will tell the story later. Well, gotta go, I heard a BIG crash upstairs from Mark. I need to go find him. BYE

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm so bad at posting any blogs or sending any. I love my family so much. Mark and I are so blessed. We went from 2 of us to 14 1/2 of us. We couldn't ask for anything more. Jordan and Manuela are doing very well. Jordan is taking a German class at the University. They are loving life and each other so much. Manuela surprised Jordan with a piano. She knew how much playing music meant to him. Craig & Jennifer (and Jada) moved in with us. He lost his job. Too many people and not enough work. It's nice to have them here with us. Jennifer's tummy is getting so big. We're so happy they are going to have a baby. It's a boy and they are going to name him Aiden. Natalie, Greg, Benjamin & Reese are doing fairly well. Natalie isn't feeling very well. No, she's not pregnant - although it would be nice. Curtis, Ashlie, Tyson and Rilee are doing very well. The kids keep Ashlie really busy, like mothers are when they have children.
For update of their pictures glance through their blogs. They are really fun.
We really love and appreciate our friends and family. - Mark and Doreen

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dead Eye

My first handgun. A Ruger .38 Special!